5 Common Health Problems That Elderly Are Facing

Health is essential especially when a person is getting old. Today, many people are health conscious, but there are some circumstances that health is being compromised. Many factors are affecting one person’s health such as genetics, lifestyle, environment, and sometimes, just a rare happening. Many people are sick to such things, and sometimes it is hard to prevent being sick especially with elders and kids. People who are getting old are more susceptible to sickness. In this article, let’s see what the five most common illness that they are facing today are.

5 Harmful and Common Sicknesses That Elders Are Facing

Heart Attack

The top one silent killer in the whole world is a heart attack. Many people are suffering from it, and a large number of deaths in the adult are causing by it. Symptoms include tightness of the chest that is spreading in the neck, arm, and back, cold sweating, difficulty in breathing, nausea, heartburn, dizziness, and fatigue. But sometimes, a heart attack doesn’t show any symptom, and it just happens suddenly.


Second to heart attack, stroke is deadly too. Some people can recover from it and even have episodes of second and third mild stroke. But unfortunately, some people cannot survive the first time they got stroked. It happens when there is a poor blood circulation that suddenly leads to improper blood flow to your brain. With this, the brain will stop functioning as the brain cells are starting to die. It usually happens to elders because of health complications and aging. But there are also some young people who died due to stroke with poor lifestyle and bad health habits.

Mental Health

There are many kinds of mental health that elders are facing such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the times, elders got disoriented with their usual routine. Suddenly, they will feel strange and worst, their memory can’t recall anything. Most people thought that they are acting up and feeling like a child, but mental health is not just like that. It is a severe condition. Elders with this condition are often lost, depressed, and develop self-pity. Families of elders usually opt to bring their parents to home health care because of the challenges of taking care of them. An agency of senior care Houston is always available for such a service if you decided to bring them to a reputable institution.

Bones Issues

Bone fragility is very common to adults that is why it is essential to eat foods that are rich in calcium. As one age, the risk of getting a bone disease such as osteoporosis is very high. Back neck is one of the common problems that most adults are experiencing. Once the bone deteriorates, there is an increasing rate of getting back, spine, and hip fracture in the elderly. Most of the times, females have a higher risk than men especially when they gave birth.


Most elders when they reach their 50s, they are beginning to experience eye problems, and glaucoma is very common. The symptoms include reddening of the eye, blurred vision, severe eye pain, sensitivity to the lights, and sometimes with nausea and vomiting. It is not curable, but it is preventable. If not well taken care of, glaucoma can lead to vision loss.

Taking care of yourself when you are aging can be challenging. Fortunately, there are home health care agencies that care like the home that you can trust. You can find one of the best elderly care institutions at their Houston address. Health is wealth, that is why as early as possible, make sure you have your regular visit to the doctor.