What to do when you wake up in the morning and it is all gone

For most men, it is quite usual to wake up with morning wood that is – waking up with a healthy erection on most days. This tendency starts to occur during the late teenage years and stays with men for most of their adult lives: unless something goes wrong. When they suddenly wake up and realize they have no erection in the morning, off course it might come at a shock. Even more so when your sexual partner discovers that – they will naturally be concerned. Remember that usually, a loss of morning wood, is what precedes full blown erectile dysfunction (ED) so it is a matter worthy of your attention.

Understanding underlying causes can be the key

Even at times when ED is due to psychological factors, it is still normal for men to wake up with a good old morning wood – so when it is absent, it requires further analysis and treatment. First, let’s explore how the body functions to provide a good healthy morning wood and then consider reasons it may no longer be happening.

How the body and brain functions during REM sleep

During the REM sleep, it is normal to experience erections. This is essentially the body testing the system, which includes the functioning of tissues within the penis. Since REM occurs just before you wake up, it is normal to wake up with an erection. So if this is no longer happening, what could be the reasons?

These are common reasons to look out for when evaluating the condition:

Lower testosterone levels:

Typically you can tell when testicles shrink in size and sperm counts are low – that testosterone levels have diminished. This is often coupled with a loss of muscle elsewhere in the body – and a decreased sex drive.

DHT blocking agents may be affecting you:

One of the reasons men use DHT blockers is to prevent hair loss and. Yet this also prevents testosterone from forming naturally. This can be followed by negative consequences, as men can drift to a somewhat helpless position when testosterone levels fall. DHT itself helps increase libido and ensures a proper erection in men.

Coronary artery disease:

When arteries become clogged up, damaged or just stiff, blood flow to various parts of the body is diminished. Plague can clog up penis arteries, which is a real problem. This is because these arteries are already quite narrow. Yes, preventative diets can be followed, but if you are already far down this road, more drastic measures must be taken. It is reason for concern if you have been tested and told by a Doctor that you suffer from heart disease, however – there are several more, unrelated reasons why ED could strike in the morning.

Porn addiction:

Believe it or not, porn modifies the brain structure: it messes with your reward system, in other words, with “the release of dopamine”. Basically, if the brain learns to connect weird porn scenes with hard wood in your body – well, you can easily become desensitised and struggle to face a normal erection again without that kind of brain stimulation. This can be a real problem, one that is mainly psychological.


As discussed, there are several reasons one may experience a lack of morning wood. Most men would probably be pleased to discover that it is a minor psychological block due to pornography that caused it – as opposed to serious arterial disease. But not all situations are the same: each man has a different set of circumstances that will determine the ideal treatment. The key to remember is that jumping straight to medication, wonderful herbs and quick fixes is not the correct starting point. Yes, it is very normal for men who do not have morning wood any longer to look for a fix. Yet this is not the way to do it. It is far better to ascertain the root cause of the problem – and start with that for optimal results. ED is quite a specialised area in men’s health. Talking to someone who is an expert in this field, is really the way to go.